GTFO is an action-survival, horror, cooperative, FPS game where players form a team of four. You'll explore a vast underground complex in search of some valuable artifacts. Be prepared as horrifying monsters have overrun this underground facility. Work together and gather weapons, tools, and resources to help you survi ... Read More

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What is jitter, and what is its effect on GTFO?

Data is sent from your computer across the web as packets, these are packs of data that will be read by the server that receives it. The total duration of each packet from your computer to the server is called the latency. Your ping constantly fluctuates, higher fluctuations mean greater variations in the latency or jitter. This is exceptionally an issue when playing online games, as spikes in ping will cause lag which in turn causes a diminished gaming experience. This probably won't be recognizable by a generic web consumer, yet to us gamers this is an enormous issue. When we're playing online games like GTFO, this is an irritating issue as even a half-second jitter will cause you and your team the game. Imagine, you peak a corner to kill a creature, you shoot but due to the lag in your connection to the server, your gun never fires and you end up dying and causing the entire team to die thereafter.

What is latency and how does it affect my response time in GTFO?

Latency is the average complete time it takes to: send information from your computer to the game's server and the time the game's server takes to send the information packet back to your computer and is estimated in milliseconds (ms). Therefore, having a low latency is better in the event that you are playing games over the internet. Essentially, the response time is twice the latency, so if you bring down your latency by 500ms, you will in addition diminish your game response time by 1,000ms or 1 second. Generally, we attempt to accomplish getting the least latency attainable, as a lower latency implies a quicker instruction conveyance to the server and back. For games like GTFO, where reactions can save you or your teammate, a quick response to the command input implies a substantial improvement to the team’s survival.

What is ping time, and how does it apply to GTFO?

Ping time is the time it takes for an instruction you enter in your PC to travel to the games server and back, and is recorded in milliseconds (ms). Hence, when playing GTFO, you can observe a number at the edge of the screen, this is your ping. For the best gaming experience, you will need this number to be as low as possible. On the off chance that this value is high, you'll experience a delay in the instructions you enter and the reaction observed in-game, this is what gamers refer to as lag.

What is a traceroute, and how does it apply to GTFO?

Traceroute is an analytical tool used to map the route and estimated travel delay from your computer to the game’s server. Since GTFO is a co-op game and played in an online lobby, it is important for players to have an understanding of what traceroute is as it will assist you with avoiding issues like lag, high ping, or rubber banding. For an optimal experience you should simply connect to the game’s server through the best available server, if it isn`t automatically optimized.

Help! My GTFO lag is the worst. How do I fix it?

First off, you've come to the right place. We're anti-lag here at WTFast! Secondly, keep in mind that 'lag' is a general term and could apply to both slow down (e.g., frames per second/FPS), or reduced responsiveness during gameplay. For clarity, we're going to focus less on graphical lag and more on your network latency and performance. At WTFast, we make software to help you boost your network performance for latency-sensitive programs like GTFO. We can help improve your network latency!

How do I see the different 'hops' between me and the GTFO server?

GTFO doesn't come equipped with a feature to check the different hops between you and the game server. As a result, you have to look for third party programs. However, most of them are entirely tedious since they're generally text-based descriptions of your route and are indistinguishable. WTFast, on the other hand, makes it easy for even the most novice of gamers by displaying the route your connection takes on a map.

How is my ping time calculated in WTFast for GTFO?

WTFast is a platform that online gamers use to get to game servers with an optimal connection. Ping is calculated using hop points, some hop points are either hidden or behind a firewall, which cause the calculated ping to be highly inaccurate. Be that as it may, WTFast has an answer for that. What we do is that we compute the contrast between the complete ping time which likewise considers the estimated time it takes for the contribution over those restricted hop points. In turns giving the most accurate ping time.

How do I get rid of lag on GTFO?

Lag is something that can be the result of your poor internet connection as well as due to the in-game settings which effect frames per second (FPS). To attempt to fix lag, you should first and foremost try playing on different in-game settings, for example graphics settings like antialiasing and ambient occlusion which can reduce your framerate significantly, and if that doesn't fix the lag, then go for optimizing the internet connection. Be that as it may, for the greater part of us, we don't have the specialized information to modify or play around with our internet connection. This is where WTFast comes in to make all the difference with next to zero effort from us.

How do I fix GTFO ping spikes?

To abstain from ping spikes and have a satisfying gaming experience, it is certain for you to change your web connection from a wireless connection to a wired/LAN connection. Additionally, network routing or traceroute can also assist in achieving an ideal ping, but require some technical understanding to achieve. Fortunately, with little to no understanding of how to fixing this issue, WTFast can fix these issues with a single click of the mouse.

How do I fix jitter or latency flux in GTFO?

For all us GTFO fans out there, to enjoy a co-op mission with a group of friends or fellow gamers and to coordinate to the utmost precision is simply amazing but to actually be able to coordinate properly we need an optimal connection. We have all experienced that one moment in the game, where unstable connection cost us the game, where we went from a moment of owning on 25ms to the moment of frustration on 400ms in which even with a lot of struggle caused us to die and lose. These spikes in ping or jitters will not only cause delays or lag jumps in the game but will also result in a loss for the player. So, a fix for these jitters is of highest importance to us gamers and hence to support with a fix for these problems, you can try the subsequent methods; Use a wired/LAN connection instead of a wireless connection. If you still choose to go for a wireless option, get a router (gaming router) which are made for online gaming, like the ones available at ASUS. Update your computers network adapter & drivers. Disable unnecessary applications running in the background & pause/stop all downloads and uploads. Use WTFast to optimize your internet connection.

What is a ping enhancer and why should I use it on playing GTFO?

For all online competitive gamers, ideal ping is fundamental for the most enjoyable experience. A decent ping can be the distinction among winning and losing, so maintaining low ping is essential and this is where ping enhancers prove to be useful. What ping enhancers do is they help bring down the ping by refining the communication between your PC and the game's server. WTFast being the world's premier ping improving programming, gives you a smooth and quick passage to the game`s server, in an easy to use interface. It directs your traffic through a private server, which permits a progressively ideal rate of packet movement. Thus, decreasing the ping, latency, lag/slack, jitter, and packet loss, bring about a more enjoyable session with your friends.

What does "ms" mean in GTFO?

When playing games on the internet, for example, GTFO; you can see a numeric value followed by "ms" appearing before the game begins or during the game, this is your ping and is estimated in milliseconds (ms). Preferably you would want this value to be on the lower side so that there is as least instruction delay as could be possible. This is on the grounds that a higher value would cause an instruction lag subsequently a delay in the response in-game. What difference does it make in GTFO? Well imagine, you sneak up to a creature and your teammate comes up with a flashlight and alerts the creature of your presence, and even though you pressed attack to hammer the creature to its death, your lag causes a delay in the command and you end up dying to the creature.

What is rubberbanding, and how does it affect my GTFO experience?

Rubberbanding in gaming terms is when a player is tossed back a state toward the beginning of a specific command a couple of moments after the command was performed. The server sided game acts as if the underlying move that was made by the player never occurred and the game keeps on working as should be expected. In a game like GTFO, where your actions have consequences not only for yourself but also for your team, an error in an action that costs you and your team the game is especially infuriating when that error was a result of high ping. Therefore, fixing high ping should always be of the utmost importance.

How do I fix rubberbanding in GTFO?

Rubberbanding is the cause of a poor connection and not your computer, therefore, reducing the graphic settings would cause no difference. To fix this issue, you`re advised to try the following; Switch to a wired/LAN connection from a wireless connection. Limit the devices accessing the router at any instance. Disable unnecessary background applications, especially those that are using the internet. Subscribe to WTFast for effortless and automated optimization.

How does WTFast help improve my GTFO ping time?

WTFast is a service that online gamers avail to get to gaming servers through optimal routing. In case you're as puzzled regarding how it functions; this online gamer`s guardian optimizes the clients traceroute with lesser and progressively stable hops which help keep up an ideal and stable ping. Since low ping is essential for online gamers, sustaining ideal ping is of the greatest importance, particularly for us competitive gamers.

What are ping spikes, and how do they affect GTFO?

Visualize you playing your game with a smooth and stable ping of 25ms, yet out of nowhere the ping bounces to a frustrating 400ms, this is a ping spike and it is by far the worst enemy an online gamer can face. Particularly for a game like GTFO, where meticulousness and coordination are the key to winning, a ping spike can cost you and your teammates the game by not letting you do your essential part to assist the team.

How do I reduce my GTFO ping?

Fixing your ping is not as easy as fixing frames per second (FPS) is by going into the game's settings and changing the graphical settings. To fix the ping, there are several variables that can be to blame, some of which probably won't be at your end. In any case, a simple subscription to WTFast services will fix that issue for you effortlessly.

Why is my in-game ping meter in GTFO different from what I see in WTFast?

The in-game value for ping in GTFO is equipped towards giving the client an average of their actual ping fluctuation and is less frequently calculated therefore you may be encountering jitter yet it isn't indicating effectively. So, we only refer to the in-game ping value for a rough idea of our ping and not the actual representation. With WTFast, you get real-time variation for your network with GTFO servers, which is changed each time a packet is sent to and from the server. WTFast gives you precise and point by point value for your GTFO game.