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The Worldstone has been destroyed, and evil once again stirs in Tristram. It's your time to be a hero and help battle hordes of demons to safeguard the world from the horrors that have risen in Diablo III - the third installment of the Diablo franchise that is developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Packe ... Read More

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Diablo III Tips & Tricks

What is latency and how does it affect my response time in Diablo III?

Latency is the average total time that your connection takes to send the data to the game server. It is measured in milliseconds and 1000 milliseconds make up 1 second. On the other hand the response time refers to the time consumed by the data or any command to reach the server and bring the response back to your computer. This means that the response time is the double of latency as it accounts for two-way communication. If your latency is reduced by 200ms, your game response time will be reduced by 400ms. Lower latency is always preferred as it improves the responsiveness of connection and the data transfer becomes fast. A low latency will significantly improve your gameplay in Diablo III. WTFast is a dedicated tool with servers across 190 countries; it helps in eliminating hops between your data transfer route and gives you a faster ping time.

Help! My Diablo III lag is the worst. How do I fix it?

You have landed at the right place - WTFast has the best solution for your worst lags. You need to remember that lags mostly happen due to network issues that reduce the responsiveness of your connection. Focusing on the connection issues, if you have tried all the tricks but still your ping is getting out of control, then you need to get WTFast right away! WTFast is a tool that boosts the responsiveness of your connection and improves the performance of the latency-sensitive games and programs like Diablo III. Get WTFast today and fix all the lagging issues that you are facing in Diablo III.

How do I fix Diablo III ping spikes?

Most of the gamers consider the stability of connection less important than the speed. However, the connection stability is as important as the speed of your connection. When your connection is not stable, the ping fluctuates. These fluctuations are known as ping spikes. Here are some ways to reduce ping spikes in Diablo III The first step to reduce ping spikes in Diablo III is to use a wired connection. Wired connection is more stable and delivers smoother gaming experience. In contrary, wireless connections often lose data packets which causes interruptions, resulting in ping fluctuations. These fluctuations eventually cause ping spikes. Therefore, for real-time online games, it is highly recommended to use a wired connection so that you never miss a move due to the occurrence of ping spikes while playing. The second step is to shut down all the background apps that might be consuming your bandwidth. While gaming, you need to ensure that your computer prioritizes your game connection instead of any other applications, file transfers, or downloads. Closing all the background applications while playing Diablo III will not only speed up your connection but also frees up your RAM and eventually, the computer performs better. To see the list of running applications, use Task Manager if you are using Windows and Activity Monitor if you are using MacOS.

Why is my in-game ping meter in Diablo III different from what I see in WTFast?

The ping meter in Diablo III does not show the exact ping at any given point, instead, it shows an average speed for the whole session. On the other hand, the ping meter that comes with WTFast is equipped with serious latency diagnosing tools and shows the exact ping at any given time. This is the reason why the in-game meter of Diablo III shows different ping than that of WTFast.

What is ping time, and how does it apply to Diablo III?

Ping time is the time consumed by your data packets to travel to the Diablo III server from your computer. Ping time is measured in milliseconds and it determines how long your traceroute takes to complete a journey from your computer to the designated server. A faster ping time means a more responsive connection and less latency issues. When playing Diablo III, it is highly recommended to have a faster ping because a lag for even a second can get you killed. Hence, a faster ping will never let your game to lag and you’ll never face delay in response or any stuttering issues. Therefore, WTFast is the best option for having a smooth gaming experience as it optimizes your connection and makes your connection responsive. Calculating the accurate ping time is a bit trickier because you have to include all the hops between your computer and the Diablo III server. You might have sent the data with fast ping but due to poor latency between 2 or more hops may cause your connection to lag and slow down the response time.

What is a traceroute, and how does it apply to Diablo III?

Whenever you request to connect to a Diablo III server anywhere in the world, your data travels a journey from your computer to the requested server. The route covered by your data in reaching the requested server in known as a traceroute. Now, during this route, your data passes through several servers and encounters multiple hops and gateways before it reaches its final destination. The longer the traceroute, the more gateways and hops your data will face, resulting in a slower connection and response time. Hence, a longer and more complicated route will affect your gameplay as it slows down the connection. Through a traceroute, you can see the list of stops faced by your connection during the travel as it measures your data packets from the beginning till the end. This travel history is recorded as ‘round-trip time’

What is jitter, and what is its effect on Diablo III?

Jitter is another significant factor that greatly affects your gaming experience. Jitter is basically the changes or fluctuation in latency that causes lag and hampers the smooth gaming experience. For an average internet usage, jitter is not a matter of concern, but for a game full of twitch moves like Diablo III, jitter can severely affect the gamepley and can stand in the way of gamer’s victory. More technically, jitter is the random occurrence of lag which comes in intervals and makes the gameplay choppy. It’s the variation or flux in the latency that freezes the player for a moment, and when the player gets back in action, the game is no more the same. In Diablo III, every second the story changes, and if jitter occurred to you even for a second or two, you might suffer a great score loss.

What does "ms" mean in Diablo III?

ms is the abbreviation for milliseconds and it is the measurement unit for ping. If you play Diablo III or any other action/shooter game, you must have noticed some values on any corner of the screen that keep changing. One of those values has ‘ms’ written next to them which refers to your current ping time. So, if your ms count is showing a lower number, it means you have a fast ping and the connection is responsive. The higher the ms, the more time your connection will take to transfer the data, resulting in a lag in the gameplay. Note that 1 second is equal to 1000 milliseconds. Therefore, the lower the ms, the better your gaming experience.

What is rubberbanding, and how does it affect my Diablo III experience?

Rubberbanding is one of the most annoying problems that gamers encounter while playing such fast-paced online games like Diablo III. During the game, you must have noticed random jerks or lags faced by your player – these jerks are known as rubberbanding. When rubberbanding occurs, your player would go backward and execute a certain move all over again that you just have performed. This mainly happens due to high latency when the players are experiencing high ping or when there is a large number of players per server and the server is overloaded. Rubberbanding greatly affects your Diablo III experience as you might miss a critical move at a crucial stage. This could lead you to lose a game level as the Lords of Hell might kill you just before you make a move to kill them. Furthermore, your action might seem different to other players. You might be facing rubberbanding but other players would see your character as motionless or standing idle that often happens with the players that face higher pings.

How is my ping time to Diablo III calculated in WTFast?

WTFast calculates the average ping time by including all the hops in the traceroute between your computer and the Diablo III server. However, there are some hops that are hidden or behind the firewall and make it trickier to calculate the accurate ping time. For such points, we calculate the difference of the ping time between your location and the server. We then get an approximate time for the hidden points, which is obviously not absolutely accurate.

What is a ping enhancer and why should I use it while playing Diablo III?

Ping is basically the time your connection takes to transfer the data from your computer to the game server. Therefore, the lower the ping time, the better the game experience you will have. For this reason, ping enhancers are important because they help in decreasing the ping time so the data transfer is fast and the game does not lag or faces any delay issues. WTFast is one of the leading ping enhancers that redirects your gaming data through an optimized route by which your data bypasses the maximum hops and gateways and reaches the desired server much faster than normal. This significantly minimizes packet data loss, ping spikes, jitters, and lags, resulting in a better experience and smooth gameplay.

How do I see the different 'hops' between me and the Diablo III server?

To see the hops encountered by your data in reaching the Diablo III server, you will need to view the traceroute which a normal internet connection does not allow you to see. Whereas, WTFast shows you a detailed map which traces the route that your data has opted to get to the Diablo III server from your computer. A normal traceroute is less visual; it just shows a text-based line of hops and the latency between the hops.

Why is my ping so high in Diablo III?

For games like Diablo III, ping is a matter of serious concern for gamers. A ping higher than 120ms can cause severe lags during the gameplay and can be really irritating for you. Therefore, you need to identify the reasons for having a high ping Here are the possible reasons why you are facing high ping in Diablo III Distance from the server – your distance from the game server greatly affects your ping. The greater the distance between your computer and the Diablo III server, the higher the ping you will experience. The game servers are often named by geographic locations, you may check that. Wireless connections – a wireless connection is not as stable as a wired one. The chances of interference are increased in a wireless connection due to which you face jitter, high latency, and all other connection-related issues that affect the performance. As a result, you experience high ping and your game slows down. Background applications – the applications running in the background also affect your game performance. Especially, if the apps are consuming a lot of bandwidth or if any downloads are ongoing, then your ping tends to increase and you may face lags and delays during the gameplay. Other connected devices – generally we have other devices too at our homes such as smartphones, tablets, and other computers that share the same network. They also eat up a lot of bandwidth resulting in a higher ping for your game. Due to which you face game lags and the smoothness is killed. Your Internet Service Provider – there might be some problem on the part of your ISP. It is possible that your internet service provider is not optimally routing the traffic which is important for gaming connections. To resolve this issue, many ISPs provide dedicated connection packages for gaming with built-in WTFast so that you have an uninterrupted gaming experience Suitable gaming software – the chances of higher pings increase if you are not using appropriate gaming software like WTFast. WTFast optimizes your connection by reducing the number of hops to shorten the traceroute. Through this, your connection gets responsive, your data reaches the server faster than normal, your ping time decreases, and you get an incredible gaming experience.

How do I get rid of lags in Diablo III?

Imagine you are in position, ready to launch an attack which will take your team to a next level, but just then, your game freezes for a moment and when you get back, you see that the freeze has gotten you killed and your team lost the game. The freezes often happen due to lags and can be a great loss in a game like Diablo III. Now, here are some expert tips for you to get rid of lags in Diablo III. Check the systems requirements of Diablo III. If your PC specs do not meet your game requirements, then you need to upgrade your computer in order to get rid of lags. Alternatively, you may also change/downgrade the graphics and resolution settings of your computer to increase the game performance Never do multi-tasking while playing Diablo III. Shut down all the applications that take up your bandwidth. This would considerably reduce lags in your game. Switch to a wired connection because it is more reliable and stable than a wireless connection. Turn off the software updates before you start playing the game to get rid of lags. You may turn them on to keep your computer up-to-date after you have finished playing the game. Software updates during the game seriously kill the speed and increase you ping. If none of these tips are working for you, then you must go for WTFast which is the best performance-enhancement tool available on the internet. With more than 60,000 GPN proxy server combinations, we support thousands of games and handle your connection in around 190 countries. WTFast significantly reduces the lags by eliminating hops and optimizing your connection to give you the best ping time.

What are ping spikes, and how do they affect Diablo III?

Ping spikes are the sudden and drastic variation in the ping time due to which your player acts unpredictably and you miss your move. Imagine you are about to play a critical move that requires the sharpest reflexes. Just when you are about to play the move, your little brother kicks you out of the chair. Now, you missed your move and lost the game on the verge of winning it. This is what ping spikes do. Your ping suddenly hikes from 20ms to 200ms (ms means milliseconds), your game lags and you miss a move resulting in a game loss. In such latency-sensitive and real-time games like Diablo III, ping spikes can severely affect the gaming experience and get you killed at the most crucial stage.