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Imagine your favorite horror movie villains, joined together in a game; all are ready to chase and kill you at any moment. That's exactly what you'll experience in Dead by Daylight, an asymmetric survival horror game developed and published by Behaviour Interactive. This game is played exclusively as one vs. four on ... Read More



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Other , Multiplayer, Co-operative, Action, Horror, Survival, Stealth, First person, Third person


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Dead by Daylight Tips & Tricks

What does fps mean? Does it affect my gaming experience in Dead by Daylight?

Fps stands for frames per second, the greater your fps, the better your gaming experience will be. A video is a series of images played in a sequence to make it appear as an animation. The still images shown are the frames and the quantity of those images shown per second is basically the fps of a video. Remember the flipbook that we used to play with, in our childhood? It had several pages printed with images and we used to flip the pages to make them look as an animation. The quickly we flipped pages the smoother the animation appeared. Fps works on the same mechanism. If you are playing Dead by Daylight at 24fps, your gameplay would appear less smoother. If you somehow managed to achieve the rate of 60fps or more, your game would appear more realistic and the experience and gameplay would be far smoother than 24fps. This is how fps affects your gaming experience in DBD.

How to get more fps in Dead by Daylight?

If you are tired of trying but unable to attain more fps in DBD, then here’s a bit technical guide on how to get more fps in Dead by Daylight by modifying the ini settings Step 1 – search ‘appdata’ in the Run search tab in Start menu Step 2 – a window will open that will have a few folders in it, open the folder named Local in that window (remember that these settings are for windows 10 and might slightly be different in other Operating Systems Step 3 – in the Local folder, look for DeadByDaylight, open it and then open the folder named Saved. Then go to Config, then WindowsNoEditor, and a list of files will appear. Look for GameUserSettings, right-click on it, go to the Open with option then select Notepad Step 4 – a file will open that will have a bunch of codes in it. Look for ResolutionQuality= under the [ScalabilityGroups]. ResolutionQuality will have a number written next to it, decrease the number to set your game resolution. =25 will decrease the quality to ¼, =50 will decrease the quality ½ (half), and so on For example if your game is set to run at 1080p, setting the number to =25 with decrease the quality to 270p. Setting it to =50 will decrease the resolution to 570p, and so on. This will make the game look pixelated but will run smoothly on even low-grade machines Step 5 – under the next bunch of codes, you will find ScreenResolution=, set that to the same number as you have set the ResolutionQuality=. The rest of the setting can be done in the game Step 6 – then go to the Steam Launcher, right-click on Dead by Daylight and then click on properties. Under the General tab, click on Set Launch Options and type -resx= -resy= This will allow you to set a custom resolution by entering value after ‘=’ sign. For example type -resx=800 -resy=600. This would run the game in a smaller window with lower resolutions but you will have significantly increased fps for smooth running of the game.

What is Traceroute? Does it affect my gaming experience?

Traceroute is a journey travelled by your data from your computer to the main server and then from the server back to your computer whenever you request a command in the game. The record of this route is also called a round-trip. During this trip, your data encounters various interruptions called ‘hops’ and ‘gateways’. These interruptions directly affect your gaming experience as your ping gets disturbed. The longer the traceroute, the more interruptions your data will face, resulting in a poor gaming experience. Therefore, you must connect to a nearer server to avoid maximum hops and to get faster ping

How to fix Dead by Daylight high ping?

High ping is a common problem that causes many gameplay issues like lag, jitter, network delays, and etc. If you are facing the same issue and unable to enjoy the game even as a survivor, then here are some pro tips on how to fix high ping in Dead by Daylight. 1- You need to remember that in Dead by Deadlight, the server is always hosted by the Killer. Therefore, if the killer in the game is facing poor ping, then it’s obvious that you will face it too. Hence, it is advised to connect to the right server (closer to your location) to fix your high ping 2- For online games like DBD, it is highly recommended to connect via Ethernet cable. A wired connection is way more stable than the wireless one. 3- If you are playing DBD over a Wi-Fi connection, then you need to limit the number of users sharing your connection 4- Check your router. If it’s not old enough, then restart or reboot it or otherwise replace it. 5- Use a ping enhancement tool like WTFast. WTFast is a connection-optimizing tool that has the best in-built ping enhancer to resolve all your network related issues in such heavy multiplayer games like Dead by Daylight.

What is Latency in Dead by Daylight?

Latency is the time taken to send a message or a signal from your computer to the assigned server. In Dead by Daylight, when you enter a command, your network sends it to the designated DBD server. The time consumed by your message to reach the server is called latency. The higher the latency, the more delay and lags you will face while playing Dead by Daylight.

What is ping time?

Whenever you enter a command in your game, the request is sent to the server you are connected to, and then you get a response for that command. The time that your connection takes to complete this trip is called ping time. In short, it is the reaction time for any command that you enter. The more responsive your connection, the lesser your ping time will be. The fastest ping time is the best in multiplayer games like Dead by Daylight

What is Rubberbanding?

Rubberbanding is an effect that causes your player to stick at a position for a moment or pulls it a few steps back and then releases it again. It seems like a glitch and happens when you are facing high latency. Rubberbanding can ruin your gameplay as you may get stuck just when you are about to hand over a survivor for the sacrifice.

Why is my in-game ping time different from the ping time shown in WTFast?

Your in-game ping time is not always the actual depiction of your exact ping time. Your game’s ping meter often shows the average for a whole session. Whereas, due to precise diagnostic tools, WTFast shows you the accurate ping time that you receive at any moment. This is the reason why both ping times differ.

What is WTFast? Does it help in improving the ping in Dead by Daylight?

WTFast is a tool that boosts your connection. WTFast optimizes your traceroute and reduce the number of interruptions faced by your data so that your data takes less time in reaching the designated server and then coming back to your computer. It definitely improves your ping as it comes with the best ping enhancers to amplify your data transmission. This results in reduced lags and jitters, and provides a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

I am having worst Dead by Daylight lag! What causes this lag?

Lag is one of the most common issues in games like Dead by Daylight. If you are playing a survivor and facing severe lag issues, then you might end up in the hands of the killer if you didn’t fix these issues Therefore, here are some tips to fix lag in Dead by Daylight 1- Make sure your computer is compatible with the game. If your computer didn’t meet the minimum requirements of the game, it would definitely lag. 2- Make sure your drivers are up-to-date, especially the graphics one. Outdated or corrupt drivers would cause lags 3- Make sure the game has the latest patch/update. Check the latest updates by right-clicking on the game in your Steam launcher, go to properties, then go to the Local Files tab and click Verify Integrity Of Game Cache 4- Make sure you have a stable connection, your internet speed is not fluctuating, and you are getting proper bandwidths

How can I fix Rubberbanding to improve the Dead by Daylight experience?

Most of the gamers are facing problems due to Rubberbanding because it’s one of the most irritating issues and can lead you to the Endgame Collapse. If you are also tired of Rubberbanding and are unable to fix it, then follow these tips to get rid of Rubberbanding. • If you are using a wireless connection, then switch to a wired one or limit the users sharing your wireless connection. • Upgrade your computer. Some of your computer’s hardware might not be compatible with the PC requirements of Dead by Daylight • Upgrade the speed of your internet to better bandwidth and a responsive connection • Run a disc clean-up to free your RAM • Close all the background apps before launching the game • Turn off system updates and auto downloads while playing the game

What is Jitter? What is its impact on Dead by Daylight gameplay?

If your player shows sudden and random instances of lag while playing Dead by Daylight, you might be going through Jitter. Jitter is caused by the latency changes and can greatly affect your gameplay as you might miss a critical move when it occurs. Your player needs to be responsive all the time. Imagine, you are about to fix your last power generator that will open the exit gate, suddenly jitter occurs and you get caught by the killer. Now, you just lost an important chance of survival because of jitter. This is how it affects your gameplay in DBD

What does ‘ms’ refer to in Dead by Daylight?

‘ms’ is the short for milliseconds and it refers to the ping time in multiplayer online games like Dead by Daylight. A second is composed of 1000ms. You must have seen some values at the top left corner of your screen while playing DBD. In those values, the value denoted by ms is your ping time. If it’s 50ms, then it means your connection is consuming 50 milliseconds to take your command to the server and bringing back the response to your computer. The lesser the ms value, the better your gaming experience will be.

Guide me about Dead by Daylight fps fix

Low fps is a common issue that gamers face. Especially, while playing Dead by Daylight, it ruins the experience if you get low fps. You must have noticed that while playing a survivor, you might be getting higher fps than that you get while playing a killer. Well, here are some tips for you to fix fps in DBD First, if you are using Windows 10, adjust your power option and set it to High Performance. Go to Settings, then System, then Power, and then click on Additional Power Settings. If you find High Performance there, click it, otherwise click on Show Additional Plans and then click High Performance. Second, change the graphics settings in the game and set them to relatively lower options. You might experience blur or pixelated gameplay but the fps would increase and the game will run smoothly. Third, use full screen mode. This will give full control of the screen to the game, resulting in better fps Fourth, this is a bit technical. Launch Run from the Start menu, search ‘appdata’. A folder will open, go to Local > DeadByDaylight > Saved > Config > WindowsNoEditor. Open the file GameUserSettings, set the VSync toFalse, set the FrameRateLimit to 0. Then save the file and close it Now, you will have a better fps then before.

How to increase fps in Dead by Daylight?

If you are playing a survivor, you might compromise on low fps. But if you are playing the killer, then you need to increase fps in Dead by Daylight as to improve the gameplay and implement the actions as fast as possible. Here are a few basic tips to increase fps in Dead by Daylight 1- Lower the resolution in the game setting – this might give you a pixelated view but would give you the required fps 2- Defrag your hard drive – it removes all the leftover pieces information of the removed programs from your hard drive. Hence, decreases the booting time, opening/loading time, and etc. 3- Update/install the latest graphic drivers – outdated, wrong, or corrupt drivers severely affect your gameplay. 4- Run a disk clean-up – this frees up your RAM and lets you experience a smoother and lag-free gameplay 5- Close the background apps and disable startup items – these are some of the apps and items that eat up the CPU usage even if we are not using them. Closing them will significantly enhance fps and the gameplay.