Partner With Us

As an online gaming service provider, WTFast wants to partner with those in the gaming ecosystem. Below is a quick introductory overview of the programs we offer our strategic partners. To explore partner opportunities further, please contact us .

Internet Service Providers

Online gamers are demanding users, and we can help you to satisfy that demand. Some of the benefits you will receive by partnering with WTFast:

Hosting / Datacenter Providers

We are always looking for great locations to set up servers to improve the WTFast Gamers Private Network (GPN). If you think that your company can help us improve our GPN by setting up servers with you, please contact us!

Online Game Publishers (MMO/MOBA)

As an MMO Game Publisher, your gamers’ user experience matters – you want the optimal connection and performance for your games, and you want to stay abreast of your users’ connection performance. WTFast delivers a FREE, turn-key solution to ensure your users always have the optimal game connection & performance, and you always have access to global game connection performance data.

Some of the benefits our game publishing partners experience…

  1. Improved Gaming Connection & Performance for Users: WTFast ensures Game Publishing Partners deliver an optimal game connection, speed, and performance for their users.
  2. Gaming Connection & Performance Data: WTFast gives Game Publishing Partners access to global gaming connection data to monitor and stay abreast of game connection issues and trends.
  3. A Powerful Marketing Tool: WTFast gives Game Publishing Partners a marketing incentive offer they can give away free to their users.
  4. Affiliate Revenue: WTFast gives Game Publishing Partners an easy way to earn ancillary, lifetime, affiliate revenue through WTFast service subscriptions.
  5. Geographic Expansion of Product or Service: WTFast gives Game Publishing Partners an easy way to leverage our infrastructure to expand their services into geographically challenged Internet connection zones.
  6. Enhanced Game Security: WTFast gives Game Publishing Partners an easy way to enhance existing security with our patent-pending security technology.

MMO/MOBA Service Providers

As an MMO service provider, you’re always looking for new ways to get your product or service in front of new users and ways to optimize how you monetize your existing users. We’re no different! WTFast works with complimentary MMO service providers as co-marketing partners. We look to team up and cross-promote products and services we think the MMO gamer will find beneficial. When we partner with you we actively promote your solution to our user base, and we share WTFast product/service revenue with you when you do the same.

MMO/MOBA Retailers

As an MMO Retailer, you’re always looking for games, products, and services you can sell, that the market has an appetite for. As a game agnostic infrastructure solution that supports 800 million global MMO gamers, WTFast has broad market appeal. When you partner with WTFast you get a product/service that is easy to sell or distribute, can be given away initially, can be used as a free marketing value-add incentive for existing customers, in existing marketing offers and generates lifetime residual revenue.

We are always looking for great online game channels to help us promote WTFast. If you have a popular online gaming channel, please start by joining our affiliate program .

This will help us to track the business you generate for us, and the revenue we can offer you. If the volume is enough, we might consider doing a sponsor deal (beyond the affiliate program.)

Strategic Partners

The team at WTFast is making some amazing technology and we aren’t looking back! 1 patent approved, 4 patents pending, with much more to come. Yes, we can make games faster, but our tech can do so much more than that. We have a kick-ass team with awards galore and we are here to change the way the world looks at the Internet. If you have an online technology where connectivity and security are very important (i.e. SaaS, VOIP, or any ultra-secure application are good examples), contact us and we will see what we can do together. We’d also be interested in chatting regarding investment in WTFast from VCs/strategic investors.

We look forward to working with you to make online gaming better for gamers everywhere.