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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Does WTFast Work? top

    Simply put, we streamline your game data to the game servers. We ensure that your game data uses the fastest and most reliable path to get to the game server, greatly improving your responsiveness in the game. In real-world terms, when you normally play the game, your data is often going down slow sidestreets and alleyways when you play. With WTFast, your data is on a fast freeway with no speed limits - right to the game server! The majority of users who try WTFast do see a noticeable improvement, making the game connection faster, smoother and stronger.

  2. What is Latency and Response Time? top

    WoW Latency
    WoW Latency Indicator

    Latency is the time it takes for data to get from your computer to the game server. This is usually measured in milliseconds (ms), there are 1000 milliseconds in one second. The response time is the time it takes for data and the corresponding event to get to the game server and then back to your computer. The response time is generally about 2x the latency. This means that if you are improving your latency by 250ms, you are improving your game response time by about half a second. If you improve your latency by 500ms, you are improving your game response time by a full second. This is an estimate based on real game situations where you interacting and responding to other players (who also have their own latency).

    This makes a huge difference, especially in "fast twitch" situations where you need to interrupt a spell, deliver a killing blow, get off a heal, attack someone before they hide around a pillar, etc, etc, etc. You can see your game latency real-time by hovering your mouse over the little computer icon while you play WOW. (See picture to right)

    WTFast will reduce your latency, reduce disconnections, reduce lag spikes, and improve performance in situations with lots of players like big raids. See for yourself with our User Survey results.

  3. Is WTFast Safe? top

    Yes! Ultimately we are just directing your game traffic. You still have the exact same live, secure connection between your computer, the game servers and the game authentication servers. We are not cheating or hacking the game in any way, no modification to the game or the game data is being made. Our service is similar to using a fast proxy or VPN connection to play; this is an accepted connection method, currently there are tens of thousands of gamers worldwide who already do this so they can play from college or work, or even troops overseas are examples.  For popular games, we ensure that you log into the game with your own IP address, so you don't have to worry about your IP address changing.

    If you search through the official WoW forums, you will find blue posts from offical Blizzard representatives helping players and giving feedback with regards to playing WoW through a proxy. You will not find a single message in the forums from a Blizzard representative stating that a proxy cannot be used. Blizzard representatives have also specifically stated that using a proxy is NOT against the TOS.

    There is language in the TOS that could be misconstrued to assume Blizzard is against proxies, but the reality is that this language is there to stop people from running illegal WoW game servers and other malicious activities. (i.e. playing WoW with private servers for free). WTFast is safe!

  4. Is WTFast Easy to Use? top

    WTF do you think? Of course! WTFast is by far the best and easiest-to-use service online, just a quick install and run - check it out:

    1. Log into WTFast

    2. Type in the name of the game you would like to play (recently played games will be saved in a dropdown)

    3. Select your realm, or WTFast server you would like to play through, then hit "Play!"

    4. See your game traffic in WTFast Client Logs

      If WTFast is working properly, you should see traffic flowing when you play the game, bytes sent and received with at least 1 active connction open. If you close WTFast, it should instantly terminate your connection to the game.

    5. Play MMO Games WTFast!!! - And brag about it!

      Most WTFast users see their game response time (i.e. lag/ping/latency) improve by 60 to 90%.

      WTFast is Free to Try!

      If you have any problems running WTFast Contact WTFast Support at anytime for assistance.

      Or post a message in the WTFast Forums

  5. Where do I download WTFast? top

    Just visit our Download Page

  6. What Does it Cost to Use WTFast? top

    WTFast is free to try for a limited time. To subscribe to WTFast, it only costs $5.99/mo per computer and you will be able to play without interruptions. You must purchase a subscription/license for each computer you want to use your WTFast account. Create a WTFast Account Now!

    We are offering free subscriptions to users who invite their friends to our Facebook Fan Page - click here for more details.

  7. Will WTFast Improve Latency for Satellite or EVDO/Wireless Internet Connections? top

    WTFast can improve the response speed for virtually every connection type, however some Internet connections have inherently high latency just because of the way the technology works. This means that we can still improve your response speed, but the difference might not be as noticeable. With some wireless Internet connections such as EVDO, you are sending your data through cell towers. With satellite Internet, all of your game data has to be relayed through a satellite way up in the sky. This creates an additional round trip that your game data must take before it will reach its destination.

    Ideally for gaming you should try to set up DSL or Cable broadband internet to get the best game response. If DSL or Cable are not available in your area, wireless or EVDO (using cell technology) is probably the next best choice. The last choice should probably be satellite Internet, it generally has the highest latency of all connection types and is not suitable for gaming. Definitely research your options and make sure to ask how good the latency is before you sign into anything.

  8. What are the WTFast Technical Requirements? top

    WTFast will run on a Windows computer with Microsoft's .NET Framework 2.0 or greater installed. Over 80% of all computers already have .NET installed, and even a higher percentage of gamers' computers have .NET already. If you do not have .NET installed yet, our setup wizard can quickly set it up for you during the WTFast installation.

  9. When Will you Have WTFast for MacIntosh? top

    We currently have no ETA for a MacIntosh version for WTFast.

  10. WTFast Was Working Good Before, But Why Is It Slower Now? top

    The most common mistake is starting WTFast and selecting a particular WOW realm, but then after loading WOW, logging into a different WOW realm than was selected. Your WTFast connection is optimized based on the WOW realm you are playing on; if you want to change realms, you should reload WTFast and select the new server that you want to play on before loading WOW again. We also recommend trying a different city/region to see if this helps improve your results with WTFast.  It makes sense to try a WTFast server either close to you, or close to the game server you are playing on.  In the advanced options, you can also try activating server chains, which can allow you to control the game connection from end to end.

  11. WTFast Was Working Good Before, But Why Am I Getting Disconnected Now? top

    While WTFast works awesome, it is not a magic pill. If your local Internet provider is having some issues, often these are issues that we will not be able to fix with WTFast. 99% of the time when our users have issues it is due to some problem with their local Internet provider. If you are certain that your Internet provider is working fine (you can test by going out and surfing, maybe playing WOW on the same realm without WTFast, etc) - feel free to contact or put a message on our forum and we can figure out if there is some issue that we can fix, or if there is some way we can tweak WTFast to work better for you. We also recommend trying a different city/region to see if this helps improve your results with WTFast.

  12. I Am Running WTFast, But Why Is My Ping Reading Weird (or not improved)? top

    It generally takes a few minutes before your latency/ping reading in WoW (or other games) is accurate. This is true with or without WTFast. Often right after you get into the game, your ping will read really high, or really low (often 0ms). Please wait a few minutes and your ping rating should settle to what the true latency really is. In most cases, you should notice a significant improvement in your ping rating while you run WTFast. With WOW, the latency reading you see is actually an average over time.

    The latency reading also only tells you part of the picture.  WTFast makes your game connection faster (lower average latency), smoother (less ping deviation) and stronger (less packet loss, and fewer hops to your game server).

  13. Are There Other Ways to Improve My Ping (Other Than WTFast)? top

    There are alternatives to WTFast available, however we have custom-tailored our service to ensure that WTFast is by far your best option to improve your game speed. This is why WTFast is your best option:

    1. We are the only service that actually has our own proprietary customized client and server software, optimized for gaming. Competing services sit on top of free applications with source code available to anyone, like putty or freecap.
    2. Our comprehensive monitoring system contantly monitors all servers and optimizes your connection to ensure you have the fastest and most stable connection.
    3. WTFast is completely automated, you literally just have to run WTFast and go. From installation, to running the application, everything is very easy, with nothing for you to configure. You don't need any technical knowledge or understanding to run WTFast.  For technical users, you can still have a lot of options to configure your connection, especially with an advanced membership.
    4. WTFast does NOT make any changes to your registry or network settings. This is not something we recommend tinkering with - your registry settings are there for a reason. Altering your registry settings to try to improve your latency can negatively affect other network/internet applications, reduce stability and security, or break your computer completely if you don't know what you are doing.
    5. We are so sure you will be happy with WTFast, that you are free to use WTFast for several days to make sure you are happy with the performance you receive.
    6. If you have any issues, we are here to help to ensure WTFast works as good as possible for you. Contact or leave a message at our forum anytime.
  14. Can I Move my WTFast Subscription to a New Computer? top

    Yes. Your WTFast subscription license is a per computer license. You can use multiple computers for your single account (with a single computer license), as long as they are not used at the same time with that account.  If you purchase a multi-computer license, you can use more computers on one account.

  15. What games do you support with WTFast? top

    We now support ALL TCP and UDP based games, please visit the Supported Games page for a complete listing. If your game is not on the list of games for WTFast, select "custom game" and you will be able to browse to find your game that you would like to run with WTFast! The next time you run WTFast, your custom game will be pre-selected. When you "configure" custom game, the launcher is the file that you normally use to launch the game, while the game file is the file that sends and receives data between your computer and the game server when you play the game. Often games will have a separate launcher file and game file.

  16. What realm/server/region should you choose? top

    In most cases you will get good results simply by choosing the realm/server that you play on. WTFast will dynamically choose the best performing WTFast server for you.

    However, the connection from your computer to the game server is a complex thing and in some cases our automated system will not make the best choice for you. If you find that WTFast is not getting you good results "out of the box", we recommend trying to connect through a different region/city to see if this helps improve your results.

    For example, Australian users might see good results connecting through California, while EU users might get better results connecting through Boston/NY. If you would like to try different WTFast servers, check the "Manual Server Selection" box, and you will be shown a list of recommended servers to choose from. If you would like to choose from ALL WTFast servers, after you click "Manual Server Selection", a new checkbox will appear, "Show All Servers".

  17. I'm getting "Internet connection error (Web: TrustFailure)". What To Do? top

    1. Please check if your system date/time setting is correct
    2. Update your Root Certificate List. To do this go to Microsoft Download page and install the update.