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Put your strategy and shooting skills to the test with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). This game was developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment and is the fourth installment to the world famous Counter-Strike series. This objective-based, multiplayer first-person shooter video game is now ... Read More

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tips & Tricks

What are ping spikes, and how do they affect my gameplay in CS:GO?

Imagine playing CSGO, and you have aimed down on Long door in Dust 2 with your AWP to hold down any aggression from the enemy team. You hear footsteps and are all ready to take down the enemy as soon as he comes on your scope. The enemy is here and his hid is right at the center of your scope. You are about to click. And... BAM! Your little sister comes and turns of your PC. Unsurprisingly, you miss your chance and your shot! Not only does it cost you to lose the match, but now you're pissed off with your little brother. --- A ping spike is like having your brother shove you out of your chair right as you're about to make that move in CS:GO. A ping spike is what happens when your ping jumps suddenly, like when you go from a stable 10ms ping time to an unstable 300ms response. These drastic ping spikes can be your worst enemy and for a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are simply something you just cannot afford. When your ping spikes suddenly, it almost always results in a missed move or a timing delay that leads to bad last hits or even catastrophic team fights in CS:GO. As responsive and 'twitchy' the game mechanic of CS:GO is, the more critical it is to make sure your connection is both optimized AND smooth.

What is a ping enhancer and why should I use it while playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

To understand a ping enhancer, it is important that one knows what ping is. Ping is basically the amount of time a computer takes to communicate with a server. This is measured in MS (milliseconds) and in gaming terms this is the time your PC take to send and receive packets to and from the game server. High ping means the data is taking more time to reach the server and thus is creating a lag in the game that you are playing. --- Now coming to the term, Ping enhancer. As the name sounds, a ping enhancer is something that helps you lower your ping between the PC and the game server by improving the connection in a variety of different ways. --- WTFast is the leading the chart for the best ping enhancing application that provides a smooth and optimized gaming experience especially for games like CS:GO. The application works by redirecting the game data through a private connection. This way the data packets are prevented from being stuck in the default internet route and creating ping spikes. And that is not it, WTFast constantly looks for a better connection route making sure your data packets are always on the best possible route to the game server allowing a much faster data transfer and significantly reducing the chances of ping spikes, lag, jitter and all data packet related issues that you face in CS:GO.

How does WTFast help improve my Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ping time?

WTFast is an application that allows you to redirect your online data from a standard route to a private dedicated connection. Think of WTFast as an experienced driver that knows all the short cuts and clear lanes to the destination. While the normal traffic would take 1 hour to reach a particular spot, our racer WTFast would take less than 30 minutes to reach the destination. --- The data packets take several hops to reach the game server from your home. WTFast with its algorithm reduces these number of hopes by getting you closer to the game server. With WTFast your data is sent via a proxy server directly to the destination rather than leaving it on chance. --- Standard internet traffic routing wasn’t meant for gaming and that is the reason why thousands of players suffer while playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Decreasing the number of hops between the PC and the CS:GO game server can help, as well as routing your traffic through quieter and less populated proxy paths known as GPN Nodes can greatly do wonders for you.

What is jitter, and what is its effect on CS:GO?

If you are searching for jitter then we assume you already have a bit of knowledge on checking your ping and latency to enhancing your online gaming experience. However, one thing that is often neglected but play a vital role in sabotaging your quest for a smooth gameplay is, Jitter. --- Jitter in technical terms is the average of the change in ping time or how often your latency changes. In simple terms, Jitter is the variation of ping and is a big problem as the higher this number, the more unpredictable your gaming experience will be. --- If you are normally surfing the internet, then you probably won’t even notice it. However, for games like CSGO, this can be a huge problem . You may experience jitter if you see some kind of choppiness during your gameplay. You are moving your hero around the map and suddenly everything freezes. This happens for 1 or 2 seconds and as soon as the world unfreezes, everything quickly moves past as if time stood still and then got caught up suddenly. A jitter of even half a second is noticeable and can bring drastic changes to a game in critical situations. This also causes the ping to spike from 20ms to a whopping 100ms and can really be a pain in the butt for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players.

How do I fix CS:GO ping spikes?

There are several ways through which you can decrease the number of ping spikes in CS:GO. A few of them are as follows: --- The first and foremost thing that you can do to improve your connection stability would be to switch to a wired internet connection. This is because a wireless connection is prone to packet loss and interruptions. For a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, even a slightest changed in connection stability can lead to obvious delays in the game. --- Next thing you can do in this regard would be to close all background applications that may be leeching on to your bandwidth. It is important that your PC is not prioritizing bandwidth for other applications while you are indulged in your favorite game. Make sure to close as many applications that may be utilizing your memory or bandwidth as this will leave less room for your game to work in an effective manner. For a detailed guide on reducing ping spikes, click on our dedicated article on how to get rid of CSGO lag and ping issues for good.

What is ping time, and how does it apply to CS:GO?

Ping time is the time your internet connection takes to respond on the internet. For different scenarios, there can be different ping times with a certain amount of leverage. --- In the case of online gaming, this ping time is highly important and any slight change in the ping time would directly impact the gameplay and your performance in it. Ping time is measure in milliseconds and an optimal ping time would be as such that your game is running in a smooth manner. --- If your CS:GO connection is laggy it is usually because of a high ping time or other issues that are causing a delay or increase of response time

Help! My CS:GO lag is the worst. How do I fix it?

If CS:GO lag is the reason why you are here, then you are definitely at the right place. Here at WTFast, we are all anti-lag and will make sure that you won’t be troubled by CS:GO lag anymore. --- But first, it is important to determine the type of lag that you are facing. Lag is a general term and can be used to refer to graphical/ FPS lag or a non-smooth response during gameplay. Here we will be focusing on the second part which happens due to network problems. And this is where WTFast plays its part perfectly as it is an application specifically designed to enhance your network performance and improve the gameplay of latency-sensitive applications like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. WTFast can greatly help in improving your game connection and network latency.

What does "ms" mean in CS:GO?

The term “ms” can be seen with a number or a series of numbers in online games. In CS:GO it is most commonly seen as the ping which is in the top right corner of the screen while you are playing the game. --- This “ms” is for milliseconds which is the measurement unit for ping. The higher this number, the more time it will take for data packets to travel from the computer to the CS:GO game server. For example if you see 250ms in the top right corner, it means it will take 1/4th of a second for data packet to be received by the game server. While this doesn’t seem quite a lot in real life, in online gaming terms 250ms is usually high ping and something that won’t let you enjoy the game. The higher the value of “ms” the more would be the lag and thus a bad online gaming experience.

Why is my ping so high in CS:GO?

High and low are the two phases of ping. You may know that ping is the time it takes a data packet to go from the PC to the game server. The lower the ping, the better it is for online gamers especially those who play CS:GO. This is because low ping means a lower latency which translates to less time for data packets to move to and from the computer and the game server. --- However, if the ping times are higher than 100ms, this means you are suffering from lag, jitter or ping spikes. And there might not be just one reason why you have high ping in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Below we discuss a few reasons why you might be facing high ping in CSGO. --- The distance between you and the game server plays a vital part in having a high ping. The further you are with the game server the more distance the data packets would have to cover. This means it would take more time for them to be received by the game server and then being sent back to your computer. Keep in mind the game server that you are selecting before playing CS:GO. --- If you are playing CS:GO on a wireless connection, then that might also be the reason why you are having a high ping in the game. This is because in a wireless connection you are prone to interference. Almost all high rank players use a wired connection to play CS:GO and that is why you should also make this switch ASAP. --- You might also want to close all background applications as they may be taking away the bandwidth the is required to run CS:GO in an optimum way. Alongside sucking onto the internet, the background applications also hinder your PC’s performance as you are running an online game.

What is a traceroute, and how does it apply to CS:GO?

Traceroute can be considered a test run for your CS:GO connection. The game data gets routed through different servers that are present between you and the game server. A traceroute is basically a textual and numerical representation of the route the data packets through each gateway and hop. --- Traceroute starts from measure the data packets being sent from your computer and measures all the hops that occur in between. These hops take place on different servers until the data packet reach their final destination. The entire traceroute is complete, your connection history shows you the “round-trip time” or “response time”

How do I fix rubberbanding in CS:GO?

Rubberbanding in CS:GO can be due to different factors. While you might think the rubberbanding is due to your ISP or network connection, but this may not always be the case. Corrupted files or improper installation of the game may also lead to rubberbanding. Old drivers may also be one of the causes of rubberbanding in CS:GO and that is why it is important that you always keep your drivers up to date. If you are using a wireless connection, then that is also likely to increase your chances of having rubberbanding in the game. And not just the connection, at times your internet connection may be the root cause of this problem. Therefore, it is important to have a word with your ISP guy to know if they provide a dedicated gaming bundle, especially if it has WTFast as a built-in value bundle. Always ask if your ISP has bundled up WTFast with their gaming/ static IP package. A few quick fixes to solve rubberbanding in CS:GO are as follows: Try reinstalling the game or verify the game files via Steam. Update your drivers and your network adapter. Switch to a wired connection If the problem persists then may be your need the help of the ping enhancing tool like WTFast to take care of the trouble for good.

What is latency and how does it affect my response time in CS:GO?

In common gaming terms latency is the average total time that data packets take to travel from your PC to the game server. Latency is measured in MS (milliseconds). Response time is basically the round trip of latency and is 2x the value. So if you have 100ms latency that means your response time is 200ms. --- The lower the latency, the lower would be the response time in the game and thus would mean a much smoother online gaming experience. A low latency will have a significant impact on your gameplay in CS:GO where lightning fast response can be the deciding factor for winning or losing a game. --- WTFast greatly helps in reducing your latency and thus the response time by reducing the chances of having lag or high ping spikes. With dedicated servers across 190 countries in the world WTFast can reduce the number of hops between you and the game server. This gives you more chances of reducing your latency and in return provides you an enhanced online gaming experience in CS:GO.

What is rubberbanding, and how does it affect my CS:GO experience?

Rubberbanding is one of the biggest problems that you may be facing in CS:GO. Any jerky movement in the game can be referred to as rubberbanding and it is among the most frustrating things a player can experience in the game. --- Due to rubberbanding a player may be thrown backward from a particular place even though they have executed particular moves, spells or tasks. Players are thrown back after moving forwards and it feels like if you are teleporting from one place to the other. For you rubberbanding is something mentioned above. However, for other players your rubberbanding hero may only be seen as a motionless bot who is waiting for his demise.

Why is my in-game ping meter in CS:GO different from what I see in WTFast?

In-game ping meter works a bit different than how WTFast shows you the ping for CS:GO. The in-game ping meters tend to give you an estimate of your internet latency. This is usually an average ping and thus does not provide you a clear view about your actual in-game ping. --- WTFast however, is the best ping improving and network diagnostic tool out there. With WTFast you can get real-time values of your game connection and your ping with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This way you can see a change of ping everytime packets are sent to and from the game servers. A much-detailed statistics of your game connection is formed, and you are better able to understand your game connection and how it might be impacting your performance in the game.

How do I see the different 'hops' between me and the CS:GO server?

Traceroute is the manual method of knowing the path that the data packets take from your PC to the game server of CS:GO. In WTFast, we have a graphical map that gives you a much better picture of the route your data packets are taking towards the game server. --- A standard traceroute is less understandable as it only shows you a text-based list of the trace while the in-app feature of WTFast allows you to see the entire trace in a much more visual way.