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The Problem
The middle mile and lag
When a gamer experiences lag of a few milliseconds, it means the difference between winning and losing their match.

Competitive gamers look for someone to blame. Their first target? Broadband providers.

But what if the source of lag isn't actually within your control as a provider? What alternative features and solutions can you provide your customers to entice them to upgrade their plan?
The Solution
The Gamers’ Private Network (GPN)®
Give your customers a whole new set of tools and options: leverage WTFast's GPN, an automated networking solution built specifically for gaming.

Instead of being stuck with a single option, your end users can take advantage of our patented network mesh.

And our patents apply to much more than gaming, too.
Granted patents include RE47533, 9087183, 9742646, 9571359, 9614870, 9729504, 9985985, with multiple additional patents pending.

Features Built For You

As your partner, we want to help you succeed by providing world-class features and services
API & SDK for Custom
Build an application of your own, leveraging our patented technology stack.
Q2 2020
White Label Service
100% brandable client. Upload your logo, choose your color scheme, and access it from your domain.
Q3 2020
Business Intelligence Portal
We provide you with a central intelligence platform for visibility, performance, documentation, and shared access for your team.
Q3 2020
Games Supported
Proxy Servers
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