Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape is an epic, free-to-play first-person shooter battle royale game set in the year 2054 in Neo-Arcadia. Dive into this futuristic urban world where 100 players engage in fast-paced matches and close-quarter combats to become crowned champions. Find special abilities known as "Hacks" and weapons inside the co ... Read More

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FPS , Battle Royale, Shooter, First person


Ubisoft Montreal




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Hyper Scape Tips & Tricks

How do I fix Rubber-banding in Hyper Scape?

Rubber-banding is the cause of a poor connection and not your computer. Therefore, reducing your graphic settings would cause no difference. To fix this issue, you're advised to try the following; • Switch to a wired/LAN connection from a wireless connection • Limit the devices accessing the router at any instance • Disable unnecessary background application, especially those that are using the internet • Subscribe to WTFast for effortless and automated optimization

How do I fix jitter or latency flux in Hyper Scape?

For all us Hyper Scape fans, to enjoy a battle royale game with a group of friends or fellow gamers and to synchronize to the highest accuracy is fantastic, but to do that properly, we need an optimal connection. We have all experienced that one moment in the game, where an unstable connection cost us the game. We went from a moment of owning on 15-25ms to a hair-pulling moment on 400+ms in which even with a lot of fight affected us to die and lose. These spikes in ping or jitters will cause delays or lag jumps in the game and result in a loss for the player. So, a fix for these jitters is of the utmost importance to us gamers, and hence to support with a fix for these problems, you can try the subsequent methods; • Use a wired/LAN connection instead of a wireless connection • If you still choose to go for a wireless option, get a router (gaming router) which are made for online gaming, like the ones available at ASUS • Update your computers network adapter & drivers • Disable unnecessary applications running in the background & pause/stop all downloads and uploads • Use WTFast to optimize your internet connection.

How do I see the different 'hops' between me and Hyper Scape server?

In reference to Hyper Scape, to have the option to see all the available hop points, you should check traceroute. However, these traceroutes are entirely cumbersome and detailed since they're generally text-based descriptions of your route and are hazy for a layman. WTFast, in any case, makes it easy for even the most beginner of gamers by visually displaying the route your connection takes on a map.

How does WTFast help improve my Hyper Scape ping time?

WTFast is a service that online gamers avail to get to gaming servers through ideal routing. In case you're as bewildered about how it functions, this online gamer's caretaker optimizes your traceroute with reduced and increasingly steady hops, which help keep up an ideal and stable ping. Since low ping is paramount for online gamers, keeping a steady and ideal ping is of the utmost importance, particularly for us competitive gamers.

What is jitter, and what is its effect on Hyper Scape?

Data is sent from your PC across the web in the form of packets. These are packs of data that will be read by the destination server. The total time it takes for each packet to travel from your computer to the server is called latency. Your ping frequently fluctuates; higher fluctuations mean more significant variations in the latency in-turns jitter is observed. This is especially an issue when playing online games and more so when playing online battle royal games, as spikes in ping will cause lag, which causes a bad gaming experience. This probably won't be recognizable by a generic web user who uses the internet for surfing websites or social media, but this is a big issue for gamers. When we're playing online games like Hyper Scape, this is a hair-pulling issue as even a half-second jitter will cause you and your team the game.

How is my ping time calculated in WTFast for Hyper Scape?

WTFast is a platform that allows online gamers to get to game servers with an ideal connection. Ping is calculated using hop points; some hop points are either hidden or behind a firewall, which causes the calculated ping to be highly flawed. But fear not, WTFast has an answer for that. We compute the contrast between the total ping time, which likewise considers the estimated time it takes for the contribution over those restricted hop points, giving the most accurate ping time.

How do I fix Hyper Scape ping spikes?

To save yourself from ping spikes and have a substantial gaming experience, you need to change your web connection from a wireless to a wired/LAN connection. Additionally, network routing or traceroute can also help achieve an ideal ping but require some technical understanding to execute correctly. Conveniently for us, with little to no expert knowledge is needed now that we have WTFast, which fixes these issues with a click of a button.

Why is in-game ping in Hyper Scape different from what I see in WTFast?

The in-game value for ping in Hyper Scape is measured towards giving the client an average of their actual ping variation and is less often calculated. Consequently, you may be coming across jitter even though the ping isn't recording it. Therefore, we only look at the in-game ping value to estimate our ping and not the actual value. With WTFast, you get real-time discrepancy for your network with Hyper Scape servers, which is changed every time a packet is sent to the server and back. WTFast gives you exact and point-by-point value for your Hyper Scape game.

What does "ms" mean in Hyper Scape?

When playing games on the internet, for example, Hyper Scape, you can see a numerical value associated with an "ms" at the end of the value. This usually appears before the game begins or during the entirety of the game; this value is the "ping" and is estimated in milliseconds (ms). If at all possible, we want this value to be on the lower side, preferably the lowest possible, so we experience the fastest possible reaction time. What difference does it make in Hyper Scape? Well, envision, you sneak up at your battle royal opponents, and after carefully aiming at the head, you press the mouse button to fire. The input lag caused a slight delay in which time your opponent moved an inch, causing you to miss your easy kill and alerting the enemy, which resulted in him spotting and killing you.

What are Ping spikes, and how do they affect Hyper Scape?

Visualize you playing your game with a smooth and stable ping of 10-25ms, yet out of nowhere, the ping bounces to a frustrating 400+ms. We refer to this as a ping spike, and is by far the worst enemy an online gamer can face. Particularly for a game like Hyper Scape, where diligence and synchronization are the key to winning, a ping spike can cost you and your teammates the game by not letting you do your indispensable part to assist the team.

How do I reduce my Hyper Scape ping?

Fixing your ping is not as easy as fixing frames per second (FPS) is, which is done by going into the game's settings and changing a few graphical settings. To improve the ping, several variables can be the culprits, some of which probably aren't even at your end. Hence, a simple subscription to WTFast services will fix that issue for you readily.

What is a Traceroute, and how does it apply to Hyper Scape?

Traceroute is a diagnostic tool used to map, route, and estimate travel delays from your computer to the game's server. Since Hyper Scape is a battle royale game and played on an online server, players must know what traceroute is as it assists with avoiding issues like lag, high ping, or rubber banding. For an ideal experience, you should connect to the game's server through the best available server if it isn't automatically augmented.

What is Rubber-banding, and how does it affect my Hyper Scape?

Rubber-banding is a term used when a player is thrown back a state toward the beginning of a specific command a couple of moments after the command was completed. Server sided games act like if the player's original move never happened, and the game keeps on working as should be expected. In a game like Hyper Scape, where your actions have costs for yourself and your teammates, an error in an action that cost you and your team the game is particularly maddening when that fault was because of your high ping. Therefore, fixing high ping should always be of extreme importance.

What is Ping Time, and how does it apply to Hyper Scape?

Ping time is the time it takes for a command you have input in your PC to travel to the games server and back and is recorded in milliseconds (ms). So, when playing Hyper Scape, you can see a numeric value at the, usually, top edge of the screen; that is your ping. For the best gaming experience, you will need this number to be as low as you can get it too. If this value is high, you'll experience a delay in the command you entered and the reaction observed in the game, which is what is referred to as a lag.

How do I get rid of lag in Hyper Scape?

Lag can result from your poor internet connection and the in-game settings, which affect frames per second (FPS). To try to fix lag, you should primarily try playing on different in-game settings (usually lower). For example, graphics settings like antialiasing and ambient occlusion can reduce your framerate considerably, and if that doesn't fix the lag, then opt for enhancing the internet connection. However, for the larger part, we don't have the particular knowledge to adjust or play around with our internet connection. This is where WTFast comes in to make all the difference with almost no effort.