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Minecraft Tips & Tricks

Why is my ping in Minecraft different from the one in WTFast?

The ping you see in the game is not always accurate; instead, the game often shows the average of what you are having for a whole single session. Whereas, WTFast has accurate connection diagnosing tools that show you the exact latency and ping value that you are receiving at any given moment. This is the reason why you get different ping in the game and in WTFast. By using WTFast, you can better understand your connection status and can know when to take improvement measures.

How can I avoid jitter while playing Minecraft?

The difference between the average latency times of your data packets is the main reason why you face jitters. First off, you need to replace your wireless connection with a wired one because wireless connections can never give you the experience that wired connections offer. If you have already done that, then here are some other steps that you need to take to avoid jitters while playing Minecraft 1- Upgrade your internet, increase the bandwidth and speed of your internet because low speed often causes latency flux and jitter. Or you may adapt to a fiber-optics connection for better speed and higher bandwidths. 2- Your router might need some attention. Check your router and install powerful one with high bandwidth capacity because your internet speed greatly depends on the router. 3- Try dedicated gaming software that are especially developed to enhance the performance of your game by optimizing you connection. WTFast is the best tool available on the internet that resolves all the network issues including jitter, lags, rubberbanding, and etc.

How to fix ping spikes in Minecraft?

Tired of experiencing severe ping spikes? Here are the expert tips that would help you in fixing ping spikes once and for all. 1- Stability matters a lot when it comes to fixing ping spikes, and for optimum stability, try to switch to a wired connection because it is highly recommended for multiplayer games like Minecraft. 2- If you cannot get a wired connection, then try to limit the number of users sharing your wireless network. When the connection is shared, you do not get proper speed and bandwidth for your game. 3- Make sure you free your RAM before launching Minecraft. For that, you need to shut down all the background applications that are taking up your bandwidth. 4- Turn off the software updates and auto downloads, and pause all the ongoing downloads to avoid ping spikes while playing Miecraft. 5- Get WTFast GPN to reduce ping spikes as it enhances your ping and amplifies your connection to kill all the network-related issues.

How to fix rubberbanding?

One of the reasons that cause rubberbanding is using outdated or corrupt drivers. Therefore, you need to install the latest drivers to reduce rubberbanding. Another reason for rubberbanding is that you might be using a wireless connection. Wireless connections often lack stability and do not often provide high bandwidth due to which you face rubberbanding. Therefore, it is always advised to use a wired internet connection while playing games like Minecraft. Verify all the game files using Mojang launcher. Mojang is the developer of Minecraft and therefore, your gameplay would be the smoothest using Mojang launcher. Use ping enhancement tools to fix rubberbanding issues. If you are confused which tool to get, then you must go for WTFast as it comes with the best ping enhancer especially made for online fast-paced games like Minecraft.

Is ping and latency the same in Minecraft?

Ping and latency are two of the most common words in the gamers’ community and are often used interchangeably but they are slightly different in meaning. Whether in Minecraft or in any other multiplayer game, ping is the response time for a command that your connection takes. While, latency is the average total time your connection takes to send data packets to the designated Minecraft server. But, the effect of both is the same on Minecraft gameplay. The ping is twice the latency. If your latency increases by 50ms, your ping will increase by 100ms, resulting in lags, rubberbanding, or other network issues.

I am experiencing the worst lag in Minecraft! Help!

The lag issue has rapidly increased due to more people signing up to Minecraft. The servers are getting overloaded and gamers are facing the worst lag issues. But your lag can also be due to hardware insufficiency or incompatibility with the game. If you are sure that you have checked the hardware requirements for Minecraft and have followed all the tips given above to fix high ping and still facing the worst lag, then you are left with only one and the best option – WTFast. WTFast is a Gamers’ Private Network that optimizes your connection and resolves all the ping and latency-related issues to provide you with the smoothest gameplay. WTFast is dedicated to enhancing games like Minecraft that involve twitch movements and require quick responses in multiplayer settings to plan the next move.

What is WTFast and how does it enhance my gaming experience in Minecraft?

WTFast is a GPN (Gamers Private Network) that optimizes your connection, shortens your traceroute and improves your ping and latency to provide you a lag-free gaming experience. It comes with one of the best ping enhancing tools so that you never face high ping while playing Minecraft in multiplayer mode. Hence, WTFast eliminates lags, connection delays, and other network-related issues to give you a smooth gaming experience. Minecraft is a fast-paced game that requires sharp reflexes and quick moves for searching the treasure and building blocks. In such a game, if your connection slows down, you will never enjoy the game to the fullest. Therefore, WTFast is a must-to-have tool for games like Minecraft.

Why is my ping in Minecraft so high and how do I fix it?

High ping is among the most frustrating issue that you might face while playing Minecraft. It can result in severe lags and you might lose the diamonds that you are about to pick. Now, you might be thinking that high ping is uncontrollable as it comes from your Internet Service Provider. This is not completely true. There are reasons that play part on your side that increase your ping. 1- If you are using a wireless connection, your ping might increase as wireless connections are not as stable as wired ones 2- If there are any apps running in the background while you are playing, your game might experience high ping. 3- If there are any on-going downloads happening at the time of your gameplay, you ping would increase. Here are some tips to fix your ping-related issues. 1- Switch to a wired connection 2- Close all the apps running in background 3- Turn off the software updates and auto downloads before launching Minecraft 4- Make sure all your drivers are up-to-date. 5- Verify all the game file 6- Enable WTFast to get an optimized traceroute and extremely smooth gaming experience

What are the benefits of using ping enhancers while playing Minecraft?

A ping enhancing tool reduces the reaction/response time that your connection takes in sending the command and bringing back the response for that command. Now, as you know about traceroutes, a prominent feature of ping enhancers like WTFast is to optimize and select the best traceroute for data transmission so that your data transfer is instantaneous. This helps you in improving your ping time and reduces any lags or network-related problems while playing Minecraft. WTFast comes with highly effective ping enhancer that reduces any hops and interruptions in the traceroutes making your connection highly responsive and delivering a smooth gaming experience.

What is jitter and how does it affect while playing Minecraft?

Jitter is another common issue that gamers face while playing such fast-paced games like Minecraft. Jitter refers to sudden and random occurrence of lags or sudden jerks and shakes in your player while playing. Though it happens just for a second or two, it matters a lot in Minecraft. Jitters occur when latency changes frequently. It might go unnoticed for a regular internet user but if you are playing Minecraft, your game might face serious lags and you might get killed before shooting the enemy.

What is Ping time and how does it affect my gaming experience in Minecraft?

Ping time basically refers to the reaction time consumed in getting the response for any command that you enter. Your data travels to the Minecraft server, gets a response from the server, and then brings that response back to you. The time taken to complete this 2-way journey is known as ping time. If your ping time is faster (showing a low number), this means that your connection is responsive. It is important to have a lower ping time in multiplayer games like Minecraft. Therefore, the more responsive your connection, the faster your ping time will be. And hence, you’ll have a smoother gaming experience while playing Minecraft.

What is a traceroute, what impact does it have on Minecraft gameplay?

Whenever you are connected to the Minecraft server, your data travels from your computer to the destination server as make any command while you are playing online. This journey forms a traceroute and tells you how many servers and computers did your data packets pass by while reaching the final Minecraft server. This history of the route is known as round-trip. Now, whenever you data packets face any hop or interruption while reaching the final server, the traceroute identifies that interruption as well. Traceroute has a great impact on your gameplay because the longer the traceroute, the more interruption it will encounter. This results in higher ping time and hence, you might face lags and delays during the gameplay. Therefore, a shorter and less complicated traceroute is always better when you are playing a real-time game like Minecraft.

What does ‘ms’ stand for and what does it mean?

ms is the abbreviation for milliseconds. It is actually the measuring unit for ping time – your ping time is measured in milliseconds (1000ms = 1 second). In multiplayer mode, you must have noticed some numbers at any corner of your screen that keep changing while playing Minecraft. One of those numbers has ‘ms’ written next to it. That is actually the ping time which shows your connection statistics. If you are having a ping value less than 80ms, it means your connection is fairly responsive. It will allow you more hits per second. While, a ping value greater than 120ms indicates a less responsive connection.

What is Rubberbanding in Minecraft?

While playing Minecraft in multiplayer mode, you might have noticed random jerky movements of you player. These movements are a result of rubberbanding effect. In rubberbanding, your player bounces a few steps back and then moves forward again as if someone pulled your character through a rubber band and released it again.

What are ping spikes? Do they affect my gameplay in Minecraft?

Ping spikes are sudden increase in the ping time due to any interruption in the route or any other network issue. Imagine you are smoothly playing Minecraft at a ping time of 40ms, suddenly your experience a glitch, jerk or lag in your player and saw that your ping time reached 400ms. And then came back to 45ms within a second. This hike is called a ping spike and it can severely affect your gaming experience while you are in the middle of a crucial level in Minecraft. When ping spikes occur, your player might just freeze and you might lose the bounties that you almost achieved.