Diabotical is a free-to-play, action multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) video game set in a colorful robotic world. The game pits players against each other on a head-to-head shooting battle on different arenas. Diabotical's gameplay is similar to Quake III Arena and its successors. Play in a variety of game mode ... Read More

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How does WTFast help improve my Diabotical ping time?

WTFast, a salvation for all online gamers, blesses us with optimal ping by pathing our connection through its private connection so that we don't get stuck and delayed in a general connection used by every other online gamer out there. WTFast uses its state-of-the-art software, which optimizes the user's traceroute with fewer and more stable hops, which help maintain an optimum ping; since ping is a significant factor in how a game runs, maintaining the best possible ping vital, especially for those who're highly competitive.

What is a ping enhancer, and why should I use it on playing Diabotical?

A fast-paced first-person shooter is the most competitive game genre for online gaming; optimal ping is essential for the most accurate experience. A good ping can be the difference between winning and losing, so maintaining ping is essential (preferably maintaining low ping), and this is where ping enhancers come in handy. What ping enhancers do is lower the ping by optimizing the communication between your computer and the game server. WTFast being the world's foremost ping enhancing software gives you a smooth and fast gaming experience with a user-friendly interface. It redirects your traffic to a private connection, which allows a more optimal rate of data transfer.

What is latency, and how does it affect my response time in Diabotical?

Latency is the time it takes for a user's action to be sent from the computer, the resulting response to be initiated in the game, and the representation of that action be seen by you. Network latency refers specifically to delays that take place within a network or on the internet. In practical terms, latency is the time between user action and the response from the game server to this action – for instance, the delay between when you click to shoot or press "W" to move forward, and then the action actually occurs. Latency is measured in a millisecond "ms," so it's obvious a lower latency means quicker response. Principally, your response time is 2x the latency, so if you lower your latency by 250ms, you'll also reduce your game response time by 500ms or half a second. Generally, we try to achieve the lowest latency possible, as lower latency means a faster data delivery to the server and back. When it comes to a fast-paced game like Diabotical, precision, and reaction are the key components to winning, so a fast response means better gameplay.

How do I reduce my Diabotical ping?

Unlike fixing the Frames per second (FPS), which can be done by just changing graphic settings in the game's settings, reducing the ping isn't easy. To fix the ping, several factors can be at fault, some of which might not be at your end. However, a simple subscription to WTFast services will fix that issue for you without you breaking a sweat.

Why is my in-game ping meter in Diabotical different from what I see in WTFast?

The default method of calculating the ping designed by Diabotical only takes calculations of ping at set intervals, hence producing a general idea of what the ping is instead of what it is in real-time. Therefore, you might experience jitter, but it does not show correctly. Thus, the in-game meter is good for your ping's rough idea and not an accurate representation. With WTFast, you get real-time fluctuation for your connection to Diabotical servers, which is changed every time a command/instruction packet is sent to and from the server. WTFast gives you accurate and detailed stats for your Diabotical session.

What are Ping spikes, and how do they affect Diabotical?

Imagine you playing Diabotical, you're about to kill on an enemy, you have your crosshair lined up on the enemy perfectly and are ready to shoot, but as soon as you click your mouse button, due to a wiring issue, the mouse doesn't register the click until your furiously click it two to three more times, but this caused your aim to move slightly causing you to miss the enemy completely. At the same time, he breaks your eggbot with a quick 180, now imagine this same thing, but instead of the mouse being the perpetrator, your ping is. When you clicked the mouse, the ping spiked from 15ms to 150ms, and you faced the same consequences. For a fast-paced first-person shooter, it is very important to have ping spikes under control.

How do I get rid of lag on Diabotical?

Lag is a term used to describe a visible drop in connection speed due to extreme network congestion or insufficient processing speed (graphical lag). When traffic is heavier than network capacity, the network requires that a program waits before sending or receiving data. Lag refers to an application's failure to respond to inputs in a timely manner. Lag is commonly used to describe a time delay between a player's action and a game's reaction to that input. This may be caused by a lack of processing power in games running on a computer or console. Online video games also experience lag during periods of network congestion and insufficient processing power. Lag is especially noticeable when playing online games via dial-up connections. In Diabotical, since it is a very fast-paced FPS, the real-time precision and reaction speed can be affected by lag, causing a delay in response or action, causing dissatisfied gameplay, or potentially a loss. To try and fix lag, you should first try to play around with the in-game settings, such as the graphics settings or the resolution, and if that doesn't fix the lag, go for optimizing the internet connection. But for most of us, we do not possess the technical knowledge to tamper around with our internet connection. This is where WTFast comes in to save the day with little to no stress for us.

What is Ping Time, and how does it apply to Diabotical?

Ping is the time it takes for your internet connection to send a command to the game server; how quick you get a reaction after you've sent a command. Less ping means a progressively responsive internet connection, especially in games where response time is everything. Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms) and is usually displayed on the corner of the screen, typically top left or top right.

How is my ping time calculated in WTFast for Diabotical?

WTFast allows online gamers to access gaming servers with an optimal connection path. When calculating ping, the value calculated can be imprecise due to the presence of hidden hops or hops behind firewalls that go undetected, but our connection still goes through them. However, WTFast calculates the difference between the total ping time, which also considers the approximate time it takes for the input across those hidden hop points—in turn, giving a more precise estimate of the overall ping time.

How do I see the different 'hops' between me and the Diabotical server?

Hops can be identified using the traceroute diagnostic tool, but the results are binary-based and require specific computer knowledge. However, if you're a WTFast user, you can select the best available hop points with no hassle due to our very user-friendly interface.

How do I fix jitter or latency flux in Diabotical?

For all of us fast-paced shooting game enthusiasts out there, quick response in reaction to the enemy movement is the deciding factor of whether we're winning or losing, and it all depends on the fact that we are optimally connected to the game server to have the best latency and least jitter. Lousy pathing is something we have all experienced at some point in our gaming life, you may not know it, but that may have been the issue behind your lag or high ping. When playing online on an unstable connection, players may come across jitters due to sudden, drastic changes in their ping, for instance, from 15ms to 150ms. These jitters will not only cause delays or lag jumps in the game but will also result in the death of your eggbot and, eventually, a game loss. Imagine having your crosshair on the enemy, and you shoot, but due to jitter or latency delay, even though your aim was perfect, the enemy has moved, you not only miss your kill but also give away your position and possibly causing you to die due to ongoing jitter issues. As a result, fixing such jitters is extremely important. So, to assist with trying to fix these problems, you can try the following workaround; • Use a wired connection instead of a wireless connection. • If you still choose to go for a wireless option, get a router (gaming router) that can handle online gaming by providing optimal signals, such as the ones available at ASUS. • Update network adapter & your computer's drivers. • Disable applications running in the background & all downloads. • Use WTFast to optimize your internet connection.

How do I fix Rubber banding in Diabotical?

Since rubber banding happens in reference to the player's ping and not the computer, reducing the graphic settings would cause no difference. To fix this issue, you're advised to try the following; • Switch to a wired connection from a wireless one • Have a limited number of connections to your router connected at one time • Disable background applications, especially those that are actively making use of the internet • Subscribe to WTFast to optimize the connection for you

What is a Traceroute, and how does it apply to Diabotical?

A traceroute is a diagnostic tool that allows you to find out precisely how a data transmission, for instance, shooting in Diabotical, traveled from your computer to the game's server. The traceroute identifies each computer/server on that list and the amount of time it took the data to get from one computer to the next, then the server, and eventually back. If there were an obstacle or disruption in the transfer of data, the traceroute would show where along the path the problem occurred. For Diabotical, traceroute is effective cause it allows the gamer to find the optimal path a command can take to reach the server and back to minimize a delay and have better gameplay.

How do I fix Diabotical ping spikes?

To avoid ping spikes and have a peaceful game, it is recommended for you to primarily switch from a wireless connection to a wired connection since other options like network routing or traceroute might need some technical knowledge. But luckily for us, who do not have that technical understanding of fixing this issue, with the user-friendly interface at WTFast, fixing this issue takes no time.

What does "ms" mean in Diabotical?

A fast-paced online shooting game like Diabotical would typically have a numeric value displayed at the top edge of the screen. This value is followed by the letters "ms." This value is the ping or the time it takes to echo a command from your pc to the server back to your pc. This value is measured in milliseconds, hence "ms." A lower ping is typically what we all desire when playing online games of any genre as it reduces input lag or your reaction in-game, but it is especially useful in Diabotical as in a fast-paced FPS game, fast reactions are essential to scoring kills and avoiding death in turns better stats. If you are facing high ping in this game, you would have a delayed response in killing someone or evading incoming death.

What is Rubber banding, and how does it affect my Diabotical experience?

Rubber banding has haunted the online gaming community ever since the first internet-based game was created in 1951, and to this day is a cause of disappointment and anger for many of us. Rubber banding occurs in online games when latency is relatively high. Players (or yourself) will appear to move in one direction and then suddenly be teleported back to where they were a few seconds ago. The server-sided game acts as if the player's initial action never happened, and the game continues to operate as normal for everyone else while you're stuck in dismay. This is incredibly annoying for fast-paced FPS games like Diabotical, where you can have potently missed an enemy kill or have been killed by an enemy due to rubber banding. This can be very enticing to rage out when the issue is not your gameplay but due to the internet connection or high ping due to unstable access points or hops. Hence, it is recommended to fix this issue to enjoy the game & lead your team to victory.

What is jitter, and what is its effect on Diabotical?

Commands travel from your computer to the server in the form of packets; these packets are then collected by the server, which then reacts based on the input command. The time it takes for a one-way transfer (from your computer to the server) of command is known as latency. Since there are multiple devices involved in the transmission of data and various paths, there is usually fluctuation in the transfer rate, which causes latency variation or jitter. Therefore, jitter is the variation in the time between data packets arriving, caused by network congestion or route changes. The standard jitter measurement is in milliseconds (ms). High values in fluctuations can increase latency and result in packet loss, causing input delay or stutters. In a game like Diabotical, jitter would cause you to see an enemy from where he may have already moved or for you to be shooting at an enemy who is no longer there or your screen to freeze for a couple of seconds.