About Us

Do you love online games as much as we do? We DO!

Since 2009, we have dedicated our days to improving the experience of online gamers. Founded by a team of MMO gamers and network technology professionals, we are committed to the cause of destroying lag.

The Team

Our mission is to deliver the best connection to gamers around the world. With a team of former EA, Disney, Rackforce, and esports professionals, we serve over 800 million online competitive players worldwide.

WTFast has built-in support for over 1,000 online games. We also allow users to add custom network configurations for games we do not officially support.

Media Coverage

Our sincere thanks to the many outstanding media publications that have featured WTFast since 2009.

Media Inquiries

If you are a member of the press, you can contact us here for stories or interview requests.