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Made by MMO gamers, for MMO gamers.

We have the best technology and the best connection available. We streamline your data to the game server so you can PWN the enemy before they can say WTFast!?


Well, I was pinging anywhere from 290 to 350 before I used the program. Now I am consistently running at 90ms. If I'm in a 5 man instance it's capping at about 120. I'll let you know how it does in a raid. So far the program has done more than I could have wished for. - Alan from Louisiana

Dang this WTFast is great, ms went from 430 to around 112. - Ron from Alberta

I've gone from about a 400-450 ping about 180-250ms. - Simon from UK

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Markee Dragon - The cure for MMO lag.
Accelerate Okanagan Jump:Start:Challenge - Winner 2011
MMOFury - The single most effective method to improve game speed.
BCIC New Ventures Competition - 2011 Regional Finalist - I highly recommend you get WTFast if you want to improve your healing performance.
MWEB - WTFast allows your data to be on a fast freeway with no speed limits right to the game servers. - WTFast is comparably the best online gaming latency optimizer out there right now. 9 out 10. - Editors Choice.