world of tanks lag

You need a smooth WOT connection to PWN newbs!

World of Tanks is a UDP game, which tends to perform better for "shooter" style games.  If you have a spotty connection with lots of lag flux, spikes and packet loss, it is going to make it really hard to play a skillful WOT game.  Sure, you can use auto-aim to help deal with lag, but that is probably only going to help you with stationary targets.  If you really want to dominate in WOT, you need to manually aim at your targets, and to do that you need a fast, strong connection.

Thankfully WTFast does just that, giving you a smooth connection that dramatically reduces ping flux, spikes and packet loss.  This is a godsend whenever you want to be able to PWN the newbs that are still using auto-aim.  ;)

The in-game connection tool for WOT is good to give you a general idea of your game connection, but it is really tough to see what your connection is really like unless you are constantly watching it while you play!  Thankfully WTFast has a great connection meter that shows the before/after effect of using WTFast, in addition to historical data so you can really see what WTFast is doing. 

WTFast makes the difference between a winning and losing move, we are constantly improving our technology to make sure you always come out on top when it really matters!

See some examples below of lag in World of Tanks, don't let lag be your enemy.

Try out WTFast for free now:

Just a friendly teleporting tank

Was making my way downtown, rolling about, when a tank teleported right in front of me! This is a key example of lag problems that can be fixed with WTFast

Movement lag mirrors teleporting

Here is an example of super bad connection problems in World of Tanks. I was progressing towards the enemy position when my tank teleported forward randomly.WTFast can help to strengthen your connection so you can play the game how it was intended to be played.

Shooting in the wrong direction

The game was so laggy, I couldn't control my tank and the animation for shots that were fired a few minutes prior finally caught up. This is the kind of stuff that WTFast helps fix, WTFast makes sure your World of Tanks game connection is fast and reliable.

Zombie Tank?

Who knew dead tanks were still mobile! Zombie tanks anyone?. WTFast can help you avoid this problem by ensuring that your connection is as fast and responsive as possible.

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