star wars the old republic lag

PWNed by Lag in SWTOR?

In Star Wars the Old Republic when you are raiding or you are in battlegrounds, missing your moves really sucks.  Most gamers look at the in-game ping meter, assuming that will tell them how their game connection is doing.  The reality is that it will show a real-time or average estimate of what your connection is like, but it doesn't really tell you what is happening to your connection.

One thing that a typical in-game ping meter doesn't tell you is the reason why you lost that important move, resulting in your entire group getting wiped out!  An average game connection can vary greatly from time to time, from user to user and from game to game.  One of the things that WTFast does is help to smooth out your game connection, to help ensure you are always good to go during clutch moments.  Nobody wants to be blamed for a total wipeout, you don't want to be THAT guy!

Some key examples of lag in SWTOR include being unable to actually loot your enemies, false character animations, i.e. you "think" you are doing something, but in reality nothing is actually getting to the game server, running on the spot and not actually moving anywhere (we all like exercise right?) and spell/ability delays.

All it takes is one moment like this during a key play and you could be toast!  WTFast will smooth out your game connection, literally making the difference between a winning and losing move in online games!

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I cannot loot my rewards!

Don't you hate it when you're questing and looting takes as long as killing the NPC's?! This is a key example of lag problems that can be fixed with WTFast

Combat damage delay

Here is an example of super bad connection problems in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Even though I was spamming my abilities and watching the animations appear, no damage was being dealt!WTFast can help to strengthen your connection so you can play the game how it was intended to be played.

Why am I running in place?

How do you know if you are lagging in Star Wars: The Old Republic? The moment you realize you have been running in place for the past 5 seconds while trying to run into the next leveling zone. This is the kind of stuff that WTFast helps fix, WTFast makes sure your SWTOR game connection is fast and reliable.

My spell won't cast!

I was attempting to leap forward into this group of NPC's, but it took three tries of pressing my ability for the character to finally make the jump. WTFast can help you avoid this problem by ensuring that your connection is as fast and responsive as possible.

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