League of Legends

We HATE lag!

We have put this page together to help show some samples of real lag problems in the popular game League of Legends. This is important because many people rely on the in-game ping/latency meter alone to determine whether or not the game connection is good. There is much more to your game connection than just your ping!


The stability and strength of your game connection is often even more important than your ping to the game server, especially in UDP games like LOL. The farther you are away from the game server you play on, the more likely you will have connection problems, simply because the farther you are away, the more likely something will go wrong between your computer and the game server.

Some problems you will experience if you are lagging include fluctuations in your ping and also packet loss. Inside League of Legends (LOL), this can lead to disconnections, lost clicks, unresponsive commands, magically teleporting or warping around the screen, NPC artifacts such as enemies you cannot kill, getting killed by enemies you can't even see... If you have experienced any of this before, it is because you are lagging!

WTFast helps to ensure that your game connection is as fast and as strong/responsive as possible. Instead of fighting with lag and your bad connection, you can actually fight your enemies and have a ton of fun playing the game as it was intended!

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Unresponsive Movement CLicks

Here is a sample of input lag in League of Legends. Mad clicking to try and get Ashe to move around in LOL with no response. This is a key example of lag problems that can be fixed with WTFast

Fighting Ghosts, Warping, Input Lag, etc.

Here is an example of super bad connection problems in League of Legends. Watch Ashe get attacked by "ghosts" that you can't see, disconnections, teleporting, etc. WTFast can help to strengthen your connection so you can play the game how it was intended to be played.

NPC Enemies With No Health Bars!

How do you know if you are lagging in LOL? If you see NPC enemies with no health bars, you are lagging! Watch the NPC enemies in the middle of this video, they are just sitting there doing nothing, and they stay there the entire game. This is the kind of stuff that WTFast helps fix, WTFast makes sure your LOL game connection is fast and reliable.

Barrage of Fire From Imaginary NPCs

Watch the NPCs in the center of the screen, these are lag artifacts! These NPCs are not really there anymore, but due to lag they continue to fire a barrage of shots the entire fight. These are the sort of lag problems that WTFast can help to fix to ensure that your connection is as fast and responsive as possible.

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