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WTFast WoW Latency Meter AddOn

Download current version: Latency Meter 1.3.4

Overview: We have created this latency meter AddOn to make it easier for you to keep track of... latency! And of course more importantly, lag spikes! If a lag spike happens, you will know when it is a good idea to run for cover until things smooth over.

Installation: To install this WoW add-on, simply unzip the file, and copy the WTFLatencyMeter folder into your WoW AddOns folder. It should be at a location similar to C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns. The next time you load WoW, click your "AddOns" button on your character selection screen, and make sure that the " Latency Meter" AddOn is selected.

Version 1.2.1: Updated for the new dual Home/World latency score. Our meter now shows two bars, and for your convenience we have labeled them Chat and Gameplay accordingly.
We have also added a convenient mouseover tooltip which allows to quickly check your exact latency values in ms.

Version 1.3.3: Updated for Patch 4.3.

Version 1.3.4: Updated for Patch 5.0.5.

Description: When you look at the WTFast latency meter, when your latency is good, it is "hot", when it is bad, it is "cold". As your latency changes, you will see the thermometer go up and down accordingly, the color will also change depending on how far up or down you are from your specified min/max latency ranges. This makes it easier to see fluctuations in your latency. The number you see is the exact latency score at that time. The yellow line represents your "alert threshold". If your latency ever goes below this level, an alert message is displayed, and/or an audible sound. If you ever start lagging, the latency meter will make sure to let you know so you can start playing defensively!

UI Window: To bring up the WTFast Latency Meter UI window, simply type in /WTFL while you are playing WoW.

Latency Tab: Set the minimum displayed latency and the maximum displayed latency for the latency meter, in milliseconds. This sets the displayed range that you will see on the WTFast latency meter. The minimum score is when the meter will be "hot", and the maximum score will be when the meter is "cold". The stats frequency determines how often statistics will be recorded in your local log file. To keep the log file small, stats are only kept for 30 days.

Window Tab: Show or hide the latency meter window, lock the window, or set the window opacity. A new smaller latency window has been designed as an option to take up less screen space.

Lag Alert Tab: Set the alert threshold (in milleseconds), this will determine at what point you will see a visual alert and/or hear an audible alert. If your latency goes up past this value, you will be alerted! On this tab you can toggle or change the text message, the alert position, the font size/color, and the sound you hear.

Colors & Layout Tab: We have added Hot (Red, Good Latency) / Cold (Blue, Bad Latency) and Green (Good Latency) / Red (Bad Latency) color schemes. It is also possible to do a custom color scheme so you can specify the colors that you like. It is now also possible to specify whether you want a rising thermometer to mean increasing latency, or reducing latency.

Suggestions/Improvements: We look forward to hearing your feedback and we hope that you find this WoW AddOn helpful, if you have any suggestions for how we can improve the WTFast Latency Meter for WoW, please use the Contact Form.