Diablo 3 lag

Diablo 3 Lag Sucks!

Here are some samples to show how frustrating lag can be in the awesome game, Diablo 3.  Most players use their in-game ping meter to help them figure out what their connection is like, but the challenge is that it is just a snapshot or average score, which doesn't really show you what your connection is like. 

Having a smooth game connection is very important when you are in a twitch environment when every click matters.  If you see a ping spike or packet loss, it can result in a lost move, and getting your butt kicked in-game.  Often the further you are from the game, the chances something can go wrong will increase.  But even if you are close to the game server, your connection may not be optimal.

In Diablo 3, some specific problems you will often see due to lag include delays getting your loot, health and spirit meter lag or super long teleport times.

WTFast helps to ensure that your game connection is as fast and as strong/responsive as possible. Instead of fighting with lag and your bad connection, you can actually fight your enemies and have a ton of fun playing the game as it was intended!

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Loot delay

Here is a sample of response time in Diablo 3. After killing some NPC's, it took a few seconds before I was able to retrieve the loot despite running around several times! This is a key example of lag problems that can be fixed with WTFast

Spirit meter did not run out!

Here is an example of super bad connection problems in Diablo 3. Even though I was spamming my ability that requries spirit, my spirit meter was not showing any change. WTFast can help to strengthen your connection so you can play the game how it was intended to be played.

NPC's with a slowly depleting health bar

How do you know if you are lagging in Diablo 3? If you attack an NPC and their health bar refuses go go down, you are lagging! Watch the NPC enemies in the middle of this video, they are just meandering around, not attackin back. This is the kind of stuff that WTFast helps fix, WTFast makes sure your Diablo 3 game connection is fast and reliable.

Prolonged teleporting

After submitting a few quests and selling all the of the useless loot I acquired, I wanted to continue killing NPC's and level. Who knew teleporting could take so long? This is the sort of lag problem that WTFast can help to fix to ensure that your connection is as fast and responsive as possible.

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